Ship Brokerage

NBC is an international ship brokerage firm located in the heart of Istanbul .

NBC specialises in chartering vessels on behalf of its clients for the carriage of dry bulk commodities including grains and oilseeds,steels, iron ore, coal, bauxite, alumina, mineral sands, minerals/concentrates, fertilisers,logs,chips and cement.

NBC negotiates competitive freight rates to and from all points of the globe via established relationships with the major first class Owners and Operators. Quite simply, we will always seek to negotiate and deliver the best possible freight outcomes for our clients, whilst maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality.

We draw on extensive alliances globally to provide clients with the latest market intelligence. We provide advice on forward planning strategies including formulating and executing alternative chartering solutions via spot charters, consecutive voyage charters and contracts of affreightment to ensure optimal freight outcomes. This critical strategic role includes regular review of Charter Party terms and conditions, to ensure our clients' interests are consistently protected.

NBC's clients are provided with in-depth market information and freight intelligence to give them the negotiating advantage.

Commercial Management


NBC’s commercial management team provides a comprehensive management service for the Owners of coaster to panamax dry bulk carriers.

Unlike other commericial management companies, however, we pride ourselves on providing a personal and relationship-led service that is tailor-made for your individual requirements and the vessel(s) that you own.


As part of our ongoing committment to providing the highest levels of personal service in the industry, we continuously monitor international shipping market forces and conditions.

Our commericial management team undertake the following services for our clients:

  • fixture and post fixture (including the negotiation of charter parties)
  • voyage estimates
  • lay time and hire statements
  • collection of freight
  • management of charter party disputes
  • appointment of agents and provision of bunkers
  • operations - whatever you've agreed, it will be carried out

And should any issues arise before, during or after your ship's deployment, NBC’s experienced and knowledgeable team will be on hand to deal personally with the problem and produce an immediate solution.